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For over 25 years I have invested substantially all of the money in my company’s Profit Sharing Plan in mortgages and real estate. Because I am the Trustee of the Profit Sharing Plan, I am able to make the decision to choose any investment option that is legal under the IRS Regulations. Obviously since I am a big believer in the investment benefits of Private Mortgages, that’s where the lion’s share of our Profit Sharing Plan is invested.

Unfortunately, many people don’t have the option of being Trustee of their own Profit Sharing Plan and have therefore, put their retirement money only into options recommended by their stockbroker or bank. Fortunately there are options. Anyone can setup a self directed retirement plan (IRA’s, Roth IRA, 401(k), etc.). The difficulty is in finding a Trustee that will give you the latitude to invest in what you want to invest in. I am happy to say that there are number of choices of Trustees for totally self directed retirement plans that will allow you to invest in real estate or private mortgages or any other investment allowed by the IRS regulations.

I know of three Trust Companies that allow self directed retirement plans and are specifically knowledgeable about investment in real estate and private mortgages. Although I have no personal experience with any of these companies, I have personally interviewed representatives of each and found them all to be competent, helpful, and flexible. These three companies and the contact information is as follows: (They are listed in alphabetical order with no preference intended by the order of listing).


Entrust Group
Phone: (800) 392-9653

Equity Trust Company
Phone: (855) 233-4382

Pensco Trust Company
Phone: (866) 818-4472

To determine which of the above companies can best meets your needs, I suggest you first check out the websites (the above addresses are direct links, so just click on them) and then call one of their representatives and discuss your situation and then make a determination as to which company you prefer.

To learn more about the whole topic of using self directed retirement funds to invest in real estate and private mortgages, you may want to consider reading the new book entitled IRA Wealth - - Revolutionary IRA Strategies for Real Estate Investment. You can order it from or

If after setting up your self directed IRA, if you would like to invest in private mortgages and if you have completed our Mortgage Investment Tutorial (
click here), please give us a call at (907) 279-8551.


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