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Cash Now Financial Corporation is a company specializing in investing in, managing and resale of Mortgages secured by Alaska real estate. It serves as the manager of it's affiliated Mortgage investment company, Equivest Mortgage Income Trust, Inc.. Although Cash Now occasionally acts in a brokerage capacity for sale of Mortgage Investments to larger institutional investors, in most cases it acquires the Mortgage in its own name, acting as the principal, or represents Equivest Mortgage Income Trust, Inc. in the acquisition of a Mortgage. For these reasons most of the Mortgages available under any of our programs will involve Cash Now or Equivest Mortgage Income Trust, Inc. as the Seller. For these reasons it is important to understand that Cash Now is acting as a principal or as the Seller's representative in the sale of Mortgage Investments, and not as your agent to acquire such Mortgages. While Cash Now does not act as your agent and is engaged in this business for it's own profit, we do practice the principle of full and fair disclosure. Therefore when you receive an investment bulletin summarizing a Mortgage in which you are interested, we will provide you with a full disclosure package containing the following:

• A Summary Sheet summarizing the pertinent facts relating to the Mortgage Investment.

• An Amortization Schedule showing the allocations of annual principal and interest if the Mortgage is paid in accordance with the terms of the Promissory Note. In the case of Mortgages being purchased at a discount, a separate Amortization Schedule will be provided showing the calculation of value at the stated yield to you.

• A copy of the Promissory Note and any Note Endorsements thereto.

• A copy of the Deed of Trust and any Assignments thereto.

• A copy of the Escrow Collection Agreement or Loan Servicing Agreement.

• Credit information concerning the Payor of the Mortgage.

• Title Information. On larger Mortgages this title information will consist of a Mortgagee's Title Insurance Policy issued by a title company. However, on smaller Mortgages it may consist of a print out of the Chain of Title and a Summary of Documents recorded with the District Recorders Office.

• A copy of the Insurance Policy if this is an improved property. Upon closing, your interest will be listed as a Loss Payee on the policy.

• Value Information. On larger Mortgages value will be confirmed by a formal appraisal. In the case where there was a recent sale of the property or where the subject Mortgage was created as a result of a sale, this information will also include a Closing Statement for the sale. On smaller properties value information may consist of a Broker's Letter of Opinion, copies of Assessment Records, or our explanation of our opinion of value.

• Other information deemed pertinent to an informed investment decision.

In addition to the above information, we encourage prospective Mortgage Investors to drive by and make an exterior inspection of the property and request any other information that they deem pertinent to their investment decision.


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